Bubble fun

Back to school and what an exciting way to start the term! The Middle Group (aged 4-5 years) are learning about AIR at the moment and had great fun blowing air from their bodies into soapy water to make bubbles which then floated away on the wind! Thanks to friends who visited the lodge and … READ MORE

Sports day on the beach

The Preschool children celebrated the end of the term with a picnic on the beach. They had great fun playing soccer, building sand castles linked by winding ‘roads’ for their shell and driftwood cars and playing games such as shell and spoon races, three-legged races and many other children’s games. A group of US visitors … READ MORE

Flags and football at Jujurha Education Centre

The kids attending our after-school programme had great fun recently making the flags of each of the countries participating in the FIFA World Cup. The flags were hung up in the large school hall where community members watch the games on our Solar powered TV (Thanks to Solar World and Telecom Techniques Solar)!

Funding needed for our education programme

Help us to provide these children with improved life opportunities! Given the associated challenges of entrenched poverty, illiteracy and poor service delivery, ensuring access to quality education in this remote rural area is our key priority as an organisation. Without access to quality education, and hence the availability of opportunities for employment, the community is … READ MORE

Monitoring crop growth since harvesting

As part of our ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy and in accordance with requirements of organic certification bodies, we continue to monitor biweekly the growth of our lemongrass plants, the maintenance of our fields, and the use of any substances on our plants. The monitoring includes plant height measurements and records the average number of … READ MORE