Bulungula College ‘Prep’ Year

After the Bulungula College Buildings were opened on 5 October, the ‘Preparation Year’ classes began in earnest. The current Grade 8s of Xhora Mouth J.S.S are the first group of learners in this inaugural class in which they are being prepared to enter the first Grade 10 class of the Bulungula College when it opens … READ MORE

Opening of the Bulungula College Buildings

From choosing the site on 21 June (see post: http://bulungulaincubator.org/2017/06/21/choosing-the-site-for-the-bulungula-college/) to Opening Day on 5 October. Once again the Imana Foods and The Wild Ride Education Company (WREC) had our head spinning with how quickly they got things done! Elangeni Builders, who were contractors for the Folokwe Preschool that Imana and WREC built for us last year, … READ MORE

Making Toys from Recycled Materials

Our Nomakhayas (Community Health Workers) organise regular workshops for parents who attend our Playgroup Programme with their babies and toddlers. The Playgroup programme is held twice weekly in all four villages and is an important component of our Early Childhood Development (ECD) at Home programme. This week the Nomakhayas presented a toy making workshop, The … READ MORE

Health Livestock

Our Healthy Livestock Project makes much needed anti-parasite and vitamin dosing available for the livestock in the area. The project is self-sustaining as community members pay for the medicines themselves. Anecdotally, farmers claim that breeding rates have increased significantly – we will get more accurate statistics early next year. We also received valuable input from Hannes Rabe, an … READ MORE