Nation Building Fund

The National Development Plan (NDP) is the blue print for Government’s nation building initiatives.   The Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) has 14 outcome measures to assess Government’s contribution to the NDP. Of which outcome 14 is a crosscutting outcome that requires the different government departments and public entities to contribute towards social cohesion and nation … READ MORE

The Big Screen arrives in Bulungula

Thanks to the RAITH FOUNDATION, we are very excited about the arrival of our new data projector!! This, together with our 1.8mx1.8m screen has enabled us to introduce the children to the joys of wildlife (and other educational) documentaries. The projector is set up in our library and is used to supplement our after school … READ MORE

Library books go home!!

After several months of careful preparation, the children of Nqileni Village are now able to borrow books from the Jujurha Library. The library was funded by the RAITH FOUNDATION and provides an excellent, and much needed resource for the preschool, the local primary school and the community at large. In preparation for the borrowing of … READ MORE