Community Profiling

The BI is pleased to report that we’ve made big strides on the community profiling ¬†project. Since July 2011 Nomsingisi Hopisi, our Community-Based Care Worker, and Kate Rice, a long-term volunteer, have been going house-to-house in Nqileni collecting both qualitative and quantitative data on the families in our community. The objective of this data collection … READ MORE

Water Works

After their initial fact finding trip earlier in the year, the CSIR returned last week to engage members of the community in developing a plan for optimal water resource usage. The CSIR, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, has a lot of clever people who develop technologies that can be very useful in these parts! … READ MORE

Moving heaven and earth for water

In Nqileni village, there is no piped water for a 40km radius. As a result, the community relies on collecting drinking water in buckets from open springs in the ground. Due to the absence of toilets and any sanitation system in the village, all of these springs are contaminated. Over the last couple of years … READ MORE