Where to from here for our Grade Rs?

The challenge we face with renewed anxiety is the appalling state of so many rural schools including the government primary school which our present Grade Rs will attend next year, having enjoyed an excellent foundation at the Jujurha Preschool. Typically there is a shocking lack of infrastructure, of desks, chairs, blackboards and other teaching materials, a lack … READ MORE

Cedar House students bring scooters, gifts and party packs

The annual visit of Cedar House School in Cape Town is always a highlight at the Jujurha Education Centre. The enthusiasm and generosity of the students is inspiring and this year they brought gifts of teaching materials, toothbrushes & toothpaste, library books and much more. The children were particularly thrilled with the bright blue, red and silver scooters (which are favourite toys) and they are now being ridden at breakneck speed down the slope in our garden, out of the gate and into our (safe) roadway! Games and parties for the Preschool as well as the primary school children rounded off a happy visit by these special friends.