Invitations to visit other rural schools bring new insights and new opportunities

Bafazi Junior Secondary School is situated beyond the area served by the BI but, following a visit from the acting principal and the chairman of the SGB, we were able to immediately extend the emergency nutrition programme to  +_600 hungry children. The cheerful cooks manage amazingly well in their outdoor kitchen!  A visit to the … READ MORE

Drama at the Jujurha Preschool!

A new aspect of storytelling was introduced this term with the dramatisation of stories. Dressing up caused much laughter and the children are particiapting confidently and with great enjoyment, guided by their equally enthusiastic teachers!

The Crisis in Eastern Cape Schools

2011 started on a disastrous note in all Eastern Cape schools but, as always, our rural schools have far fewer resources to withstand the cancellation of services which are the backbone of education. The cancellation of the school feeding scheme rightly caused a national outcry and the cancellation of ‘temporary’ teachers’ posts resulted in a high … READ MORE