First Day of School!

It was a big day for many children of Xhora Mouth as they experienced their first day of school.  For many, this was their first day of school ever!  Three Pre Schools in the villages of Mgojweni, Folokhwe and Nqileni are up and running with the last preschool in Tshezi expected to open soon. For … READ MORE

Educational Stars of Bulungula

Two of our very own Jurjurha Preschool teachers were recently selected for the Stars in Education award programme, a project aimed to celebrate educators who put in the extra effort to make a positive difference in the lives of their learners and surrounding communities.  Of the twenty finalists in South Africa, three were from Eastern Cape … READ MORE


The After School Program has introduced the children to the board game of strategic conquest, Chess!  As many of the children were unfamiliar with board games, not even knowing how to play checkers, it was a slow process explaining all the different pieces and how they move on the board, and then teaching the basic … READ MORE

Paper Beads!

The BI’s After School Program had a special guest visit to teach the children how to make bracelets and necklaces using homemade paper beads.  Using magazines, newspaper, scrap paper, even candy wrappers, the kids cut out triangles and roll them onto toothpicks.  The rolled paper is coated with watery glue and left to dry.  The … READ MORE