The preliminary project proposal

With Laura off to a new big job in Jo’burg to help SA’s school feeding project work better, the Concept Document was handed over to Sonja (one of our board members and an experienced proposal writer) to condense into a more standard project proposal format.

After some discussions we all agreed that this proposal would be for seed funding for the project. The main reason for this is that while Laura and Julia did some fantastic ground work for the project as evidenced in the Concept Doc, the new project manager will need to further explore the options regarding innovative, ecologically-appropriate designs for the school buildings. Dave Gaynor’s design is great, but we need to get a few other expert opinions to help us make the right decision and build the best school. Obviously the school building will be one of the largest budget items for this project, so until the design is finalised we can’t present a final project proposal with a precise budget.

Sonja has put together a Preliminary Project Proposal to secure seed funding for the project which will allow us to employ a dedicated Project Manager who can focus on gathering the last of the important info and putting it together in a final project proposal with an accurate final budget. The Project Manager will also be spending time establishing a good relationship with the various key stakeholders in the Department of Education (DOE) and elsewhere. The DOE is critical to the success of the project.

So here it is: (We have updated this proposal, please see the blog above)

A project like this can’t become a reality without money. Up until now, most of the BI’s costs have been funded from our savings but this is no longer sustainable. So if any of you would like to help turn our crisis school into a brilliant school, then please email us at:

We’ll be “selling shares” in this project at R200 (US$30) a share which will get you:
– a name on the school’s Wall of Thanks,
– regular updates on how the project’s going including audited financial records,
– and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve helped give the kids in our community a great education and thus a chance of escaping poverty for good.

Our bank details
Standard Bank
Account name: Bulungulaincubator
Account number: 07 066 1480
Branch: Thibault Square
Branch code: 02 09 09 00
International SWIFT code: SBZA ZA JJ

If you live overseas and want to donate a little money, unfortunately international electronic transfers cost about US$25 in fees alone! So we will be opening a Paypal account shortly which will allow donations for a fee of about US$3. Please send us an email, and we’ll send you our Paypal details.

Hopefully our next post will be to announce the employment of a brilliant Project Manager who will be turning this vision into a reality.

For a little colour to break the text, here are some recent photo’s of the community and the lodge by Stefan from Daddy Long Legs Boutique Hotel who is raising funds as we speak to buy a 4×4 ambulance for our area. More details soon!

Bulungula montage 1

Bulungula montage 2

  1. At the University of Fort Hare Dwesa project, they demonstrated how one can get a rural school project moving really quickly. Don’t count on the DoE, get local buy in.

    So while I also believe that everyone muct be involved, especially government, there should also be a contingency plan.

    To the DoE – I would love to be proved wrong. There are more than 122000 learners in the Dutywa municipality who would benefit greatly from me being proved wrong.

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