Lemongrass – what the expert has to say

Lemongrass expert Gene Gage

Lemongrass expert Gene Gage

Charles was joined by Gene Gage and expert on Lemongrass farming from the USA.

The link below will take you to the detailed report with great photo’s. But for those who don’t have time to read the report, everything looks great – Gene says the growing conditions here are some of  the best he’s ever seen!

Essential Oils Report 1: assessment visit by international expert

  1. Kgomotso K Seduke

    Good day good people.

    God brought you here for a purpose and since you are fulfilling that, that is why you manage to empower underpriviledged or disadvantaged pepole. May God bless you and may you grow from strength to strength.

    I have a similar scenerio why by I would like to assist some remote villages in Botswana in order to see whether backpacker tourism could be used as an effective poverty-fighting tool. The village, called Zoroga , has no road, running water, clinic, electricity. It’s a beautiful place with talented community (craft, cultural norms )and living a traditional way of life. I think a cultural village will be suitable.
    Please assist me on how I can start such a project. Can I have your telephone numbers?

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