Jujurha Early Learning Centre: Moving ahead in leaps, bounds and star jumps!

Thanks to the excellent work of our resident engineer (Alan) and his team, and the generous support of our donors, we are making good progress with the building of the Jujurha Early Learning Centre.

Building due to be complete by end June!

Building due to be complete by end June!

Meanwhile class continues in our rented hut, where the children are enjoying themselves immensely!

Special thanks to the following donors:

  • The Nussbaum Foundation
  • The Solon Foundation
  • The DG Murray Trust
  • The Raith Foundation
  • Truworths
  • Transnet
  • The Ford Alumni Association
  • The Glenday and Klement Families
  • JDI Groups from Cape Town

  1. this is amazing,I feel so touched and impressed about Nqileni community improvement so far. I realy want to thank every one who contributed towards the success of Bulungula.As a person who is very concerned about what is hapenning in our grassroot communities this is encouraging me that even if everything can be dark in such a way to see the wayforward but one day the light will come.thanks,Dankie Enkosi kakhulu may God bless the work of your hands.

  2. So can someone send me an email address for Annette? I sent some funds for gardening so I want to follow up with her. The funds are from the Rotary Club in Whistler, British Columbia – that is in good old Canada.

    • Paul

      Annette’s e-mail address is annette (at) bulungulaincubator.org (I’ve left out the @ so that she doesn’t get spam).

  3. Sheila Bradnick

    This is so inspiring! Good work guys, may the school grow from strength to strength. Love reading about what’s going on there from time to time. Love to the kids,

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