New urgency for sustainable livelihoods

The Impact of the Global Financial Situation
The South African mining industry is being forced to respond to the current global crisis with retrenchments and labour force reductions. The first people to lose their jobs are those employed on short term contracts, or through contract agencies.

“Anglo Platinum CEO Neville Nicolau said that the company would not be paying a second-half dividend and would be retrenching 8 000 mainly contractor employees by mid-year and would shed another 2 000 by the end of the year through natural attrition.”
Unfortunately most of the income earning migrant workers from Nqileni are employed by Anglo Platinum on a contract basis and this decision will have a severe impact on the village.

Our project has taken on a whole new dimension and sense of urgency in terms of re-looking at our time frames and strategy to see if there is any way to make allowance for these new developments in our both our long term strategy as well as our short term objectives

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