Jujurha Early Learning Centre – 4 sleeps to go!

After 4 months of VERY hard work by everyone involved, we are delighted to be officially opening the doors of the Jujurha Early Learning Centre on monday 27th July. My daughter will be one of about 45 children who will begin the new school term in our beautiful new buildings! She has been counting the ‘sleeps’ with great excitement.

We have been going all-out over the past couple of weeks to get the building ready – our teachers have even been helping to paint the walls and floors! Here is a picture of the (almost) final product!

Our beautiful new preschool

Our beautiful new preschool

Watch this space for pictures of the ‘first day’!

  1. FANTASTIC!!! This is what I call “community empowerment” at its best. Valuing indeginous knowledge and involving community members all the steps of the way. Last time I was there I was shown just a bare piece of land, look at it today its legacy for the children of Nqileni and the emancipation of our children from illiteracy. This is just the beginning; the Bulungula Incubator is going from strenght to strenght – CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Kate Blaine

    Well done Son and your team! Wow – it looks amazing! Look forward to seeing more pics and receiving more news.

  3. Liz Barrett

    Looking forward to seeing some great pictures of the opening,
    Liz Barrett- An African in Canada!

  4. HORAY!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, how very very wonderful!
    I dream of the day I can cyber-transmit custom designed and illustrated early learning material.
    All smiles to you all.

  5. Tamsin

    I cannot believe it! This picture gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes… I am so happy for you all. I remember coming last October and being a person who is used to Westernized schools I was shocked at the environment the students were learning in. Despite that, they were very enthusiastic about practicing their english and we had a great time and it was also a real learning experience for me.

    I cannot wait to get back to Bulungual… hopefully Jan 2010… anyway, I just wanted to say that Bulungula is incredible. Your beautiful picture speaks for itself! X

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