Community celebration for the launch of the Jujurha ELC

The ELC includes 3 classrooms, an office and storeroom, a kitchen, a library, eco toilets, an excellent solar system (with power points in all classrooms), a vegetable and fruit garden and fabulous outdoor play equipment.

The ELC includes 3 classrooms, an office and storeroom, a kitchen, a library, eco toilets, an excellent solar system (with power points in all classrooms), a vegetable and fruit garden and fabulous outdoor play equipment.

On the 22 September we officially celebrated the opening of the Jujurha Early Learning Centre.

The centre had been operating from the new premises for 2 months and so the classrooms were beautifully adorned with the children’s work. The day included dancing, singing, speeches and – of course – lots and lots of traditional food prepared in 3-legged pots on the fire.

Click on the video clip for a taste of the festivities!

Many thanks to Carlos Francisco of AHB Films ( for producing this great clip.

  1. Excellent video, very heartwarming. And motivating. Congratulations on your achievements; keep it going, and best of luck into the future. -Arhan

  2. Man, oh man! Well done guys. This is very difficult to watch from a distance and doing nothing to aid my Joburg-ness! Is Bulukhazi gona get in on the school action?? Much love to all, and ace video Carlo, love jean

  3. Troy Goldie

    Well done guys, this is awesome. I was there a year ago to film Rejane for the Chairman’ awards and it is fantastic to see the school as it is now. 1 year ago it was just getting going.

    Would love to visit again sometime.

    Regards Troy

  4. Meruschka

    Congratulations to everyone involved! I was so inspired and excited by the progress that has been made with the school. Can’t believe that you guys have done so much so quickly. Its amazing! Bulungula is really an inspiration and a model for development. What a wonderful video too. Hope to visit soon, its been way to long!

  5. Hi Guys, we, at Rustics Jungle Gyms were involved with the installation of the playground equipment. We would love to see more photo’s of the completed installation, if possible. We would like to upload them to our website and would love it if you would log onto our face book page – rustics jungle gyms – and upload any photo’s that you may have of the installation. In this way, you could be indirectly promoting your fundraising efforts as well.

  6. Mary Newman

    Wow, what an amazing & delightful video – Im deeply moved to see what has been accomplished in such a short time and against such odds (stunningly beautiful but difficult terrain, & initially few resources).Well done to all those who have made this possible the parents, the members of the community, the volunteers, the ‘teachers’ , the donors and the delightful children!

  7. Martina

    I just saw the video it’s so touching! 🙂 great, great, great and even more! miss you so much guys and love you to bits. martin, allora 🙂

  8. Amanda Gersh

    Wow! I am so proud of my AUNT Mrs. Annette Champion and of the great work you are all doing out there. What an inspiring video. I will share it here in the USA!

  9. Sonja Hofstetter

    Can I just say it is truly inspring what is going on in Bulungula?! I am so impressed with the speed, efficieny and dedication you do your thing and you are definately an example for many other doing similar things in SA. I am very happy to see the school up and running and I am counting the days until my return to SA- I will definately make my way to see this with my own eyes!
    Good luck to all of you and keep doing what you are doing!

  10. els belligh

    waauw! If I would still be a child, I would definately want to go to school there!
    I know it was a long process, and not yet finished, but this is already a great accomplishment.Congratulations everybody! The first time I was there, two and a half years ago, it was not even approved, and look at it now! ( I know these things can take a little longer in South Afrika than in Europe ; )
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Raj Govender

    Wow! what an inspirational video. Clearly evident of the excellent work being done in this deep rural area. The International Fellowships Programme Alumni Association is proud to be associated with this project. Sonja and the rest of your team keep up the good work

  12. Rejane Woodroffe

    Wow! what a fantastic video, thanks Carlos!!! Well done to everyone: Sonja, Annette, Alan and everyone else involved in making the opening such a success. watching the video here in India has made us very homesick!!

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