Award winning veggies

Our two vegetable gardens (one at No-ofisi Primary school and one at the Jujurha Early Learning Centre) have been producing the most enormous and delicious veggies. The food gardens are sponsored by BREADLINE AFRICA, DADDY LONGLEGS and the FORD ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and feed up to 250 children each day.

Here’s a picture of two of our gardeners with some of their delicious produce!

The No-ofisi garden (pictured below) has been designed to be ‘water-wise’, collecting ground water in mini reservoirs.


  1. Wow! Such a lot of progress in the past few months! Looks like you have reached the tipping point.

    I would be interested in what went wrong with the lemongrass plantings. It is usually a very tough plant!

    And the Early Learning Center is producing miracles every week. I can hardly believe what you’ve done in the last year.

    Keep up the good work, and best of luck!

  2. Rosie

    Congratulations! Such wonderful vegetables. From growing my small vege patch at home, I know how difficult it is! Well done! Rosie

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