Gum boots to improve attendance

In a remote rural area like ours, the weather wreaks havoc with everything. Too little rain and our food gardens and agricultural projects are at risk, too much rain and the kids can’t get to school! And there is very seldom a happy median!!

All of the children (aged 3 to 6 years) who attend our preschool have to walk to school from home – often several kilometres. During the wet summer months, many children struggle to get to school because of the mud and rain. None of the children have appropriate wet weather gear and this impacts negatively on school attendance. We are desperate to ensure that children attend school every day – to avoid disruption to the classroom programme and to ensure that they get their nutritious meals (hot porridge, fruit snack and delicious hot dinner).

Thanks to the generous support of the Rotary Club of Whistler, we have now been able to provide each child at the preschool with their very own pair of gumboots (raincoats to follow shortly). This will help ensure that the children are able to get to school during the rainy months and that their feet and pants remain dry. The children were delighted with their gifts – and one child even launched into an impromptu gumboot dance!

Proud kids leaving school wearing their brand new gumboots!

Thank you to everyone at the Rotary Club of Whistler!!


  1. Liz Barrett

    Thank you so much for sharing your news – it is always so inspirational to see what you are doing with the children.It was great to share the project with the Whistler Rotary Club and it is so good to see the children wearing the boots – thanks to Lyn Stroshin for her donation to the project – Lyn added $100 to the Rotary donation – this was in lieu of a Christmas gift for a special friend.
    Now I just have to get JUMP Math books out to you!

    • Annette Champion

      Yes, Liz, JUMP Maths is definitely in the plans. It will be a great day when we have reached that stage of our work with the older kids whose education at the local govt school is pitiful. Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm & support

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