BI welcomes two new community workers

The Bulungula Incubator recently welcomed two new staff members to our team – Vuyani Olo and Khuselo Gcelu. They have been appointed as community workers and will be replacing Phumzile Msaro. Phumzile has been an incredible asset to the BI since he joined us in July 2009 and was recently promoted to a management position in our Essential Oils Project. Welcome Vuyani and Khuselo, and congratulations to Phumzile!

Here’s a pic of the three of them –


  1. leta best

    What a happy, energetic looking pair. They’ll surely be an asset.

    Has taken me a while but have, at last, read through the whole article. Seems like absolutely everything is going ahead in leaps and bounds. I can’t believe the difference to bout 18 months ago. The participation of community members is what it’s all about & you’re doing that well. They are dignified, happy people.

    Good luck for the future. Will work on wish list at my school.

    Fond regards


    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Leta – thanks so much for your positive encouragement and your ongoing support. Much appreciated! Sonja.

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