Gallery of fun

Scroll through our gallery of fun to share in some of the daily activities of the Jujurha Preschool!

Learning to write

The kids love the variety of puzzles available

Learning through play, together

Making magic pictures!

Hard at 'work'

Learning about (and tasting!) healthy food

Action songs are always great fun


    • leta best

      Thanks a million for keeping me in touch with this truly wonderful & amazing place.

      How precious are these children & what a miracle that they are able to take part in these activities.

      I wasn’t surprised that you are already hosting other schools. Good on you all & go for it!!

      I will take these pics to my school & show the kids as they are sharing my love for Bulungula.

      The arrival of my 3 grandchildren is taking priority at present but you will see me back there one day.

      Please do keep on keeping me in touch & setting an example to the rest of the world – anything’s possible.


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