Moving heaven and earth for water

In Nqileni village, there is no piped water for a 40km radius. As a result, the community relies on collecting drinking water in buckets from open springs in the ground. Due to the absence of toilets and any sanitation system in the village, all of these springs are contaminated.

Over the last couple of years we have fenced most of the ground water springs (to prevent animals from further contaminating the water) and we have installed rain water tanks where possible. These measures help ensure access to (relatively) clean water during the rainy season but they do not address the water shortages that inevitably occur during the many dry months of winter. In the dry season, with water tanks empty and springs dried up, community members are forced to collect water from unprotected and heavily polluted water sources, leading to illness and death.

The obvious solution was a borehole, but we could not find a company willing to risk their trucks on our roads. After approaching three different borehole companies, we finally found one bold enough to brave the roads to our village!! Thanks to funding from the Nedbank Foundation, Drilling Africa has successfully completed the drilling of two boreholes in Nqileni, with another two planned in other parts of the village. Getting the trucks into and around the village has been an accomplishment extraordinaire (requiring us to move a lot of earth to fix bits of road before we even started drilling!).

The current water source in the foreground is an open, muddy spring. The future water source in the background - a borehole!

Drilling for water at long last - what a brilliant way to start the day

The two boreholes hit good quality drinking water at 100m and 42m respectively

We are extremely grateful to DRILLING AFRICA for taking on the challenge!!

And to the NEDBANK FOUNDATION for your generous support!!

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