Polio and Vitamin A drops for Jujurha kids

We were delighted recently to receive a visit from the mobile immunisation clinic. We had requested their services several times, but previous scheduled visits to the preschool had been cancelled either due to bad weather / roads or because the clinic had run out of stock of vaccines.

The arrival of the long-awaited clinic service was met with great excitement. The mothers had been told in advance of the visit and many turned up with babies in arms. Over 60 children and babies received polio and vitamin A drops, with surprisingly few tears.

Clinic services delivered on the verandah of the preschool

Kids line up to receive their drops

We are grateful to the Department of Health for reaching out to remote rural areas such as ours and sincerely hope that the Jujurha Early Learning Centre will now be a regular fixture on the Department’s health outreach programme.

Thank you to the Department of Health

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