Funding needed for our education programme

Help us to provide these children with improved life opportunities!

Children enjoying creative activities at the Jujurha Preschool

Given the associated challenges of entrenched poverty, illiteracy and poor service delivery, ensuring access to quality education in this remote rural area is our key priority as an organisation. Without access to quality education, and hence the availability of opportunities for employment, the community is stuck in a cycle of poverty –

  • Children in primary school struggle to complete some of the most basic tasks which should have been mastered in Grade R and many are older than the average age (there is a 15 year old in Grade 1, for example).
  • Grade 6 learners ‘graduating’ from the local government school fail to understand basic mathematical concepts, or to read or write with any fluency or comprehension.
  • Most children from the village drop out of school before reaching matric
  • Almost all adults are illiterate and innumerate.

Without a focused education intervention, there is little hope that the situation will improve for the children of the area.

We are committed to addressing these challenges and to broadening the scope of life opportunities for our children. As such, the BI is seeking funding for the continuation and growth of our education projects. These projects are aimed at the direct delivery of quality education to children in the village, the rehabilitation of local government schools, and the facilitation of community activism and participation in education. In line with excellent education policy throughout the world, our education initiatives begin with the preschool child.

Over the next year, our objectives are to deliver the following:

(1)     Quality early childhood development services for 50 children at the Jujurha Preschool

(2)     An effective after-school enrichment programme for ~70 learners per week from the local primary school

(3)     An outreach programme aimed at parents and caregivers, to promote the concept of early childhood development in the home and to raise awareness of the importance of education

(4)     An expanded library programme, offering books, educational resources, traditional story telling and computer training

(5)     An expanded rural school mentorship programme, providing holistic support to a minimum of five local schools

Any assistance is much appreciated!

Please email for a full project proposal and budget.


    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Louise

      It costs R135,000 to build one classroom. We need to build 4 more classrooms at the Noofisi Primary School. You can make a contribution using a credit card via our website or a direct bank deposit – details are also on our website.

      Thanks for your interest!

  1. Mary Ann ('Max') Cullinan

    Hi there- please could you e-mail me the bank account details for the school?
    I ‘d like to circulate these to a wide circle here in Cape Town and ask them to allocate the Jujurha Centre on their Woolworths ‘MY SCHOOL’ card as their school of choice for funding. Many of my friends and colleagues shop regularly at Woolworths; it’d be worth it I think to convince them to redirect their ‘My School’ cards in favour of the Jujurha Education Centre instead of their childrens’ already well resourced schools here in Cape Town – I feel most people would be happy to swop knowing the funds could be put to good use in a rural school.
    We came to Bulungula on a holiday visit when the Centre was mostly at foundation level, and Dale had established just the beginnings of a veggie garden. I so admire what you’re all doing and would love to help in whatever way I can.

    Warm regards,
    Mary Ann Cullinan

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Mary Ann.
      Thank you for thinking of us! We would be thrilled to be a beneficiary on the Woolworths ‘MY SCHOOL’ card! I will email you all our details.
      best, Rejane

    • Louise

      We visited Bulungula from the 11th – 14th Dec 2010, pure magic.

      I have not found the school listed as a beneficiary with myschool – we too would like to support the school with our purchases. What needs to happen still?


      • Bulungula Incubator

        Hi Louise

        Thanks for your interest in the BI! We are in the process of applying to be listed with the My School programme. We will make an announcement via our website and newsletter once we are approved


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