Happy 1st Birthday, Jujurha Education Centre!

It’s difficult to believe that a year has passed since we opened the doors of the Jujurha Education Centre on the 27th July 2009.  The children and staff celebrated this memorable day by doing a litter collection in the village as a service to the community. This was followed by special treats: tasting jelly for the 1st time and enjoying lollipops! Each child had decorated a paper plate which, held up together, read:

Happy 1st Birthday Jujurha Education Centre

and they sang

Mini emnandi kuwe Jujurha!

Celebrating our FIRST birthday!


  1. leta best

    Wow! One whole year. Just love getting these updates & being blown away by it all! How amazing are your teachers! You must be great mentors!

    Congratulations! We’re into the Pakistan relief for kids at the moment. Have to carry it over to your wish list. You are incredible people.

  2. Bulungula Incubator

    Thanks for your ongoing interest ans support, Liz. We’ll be renewing our efforts to improve teaching and learning at the government schools and I’m determined that, one day, we’ll be offering the JUMP Math programme, in Xhosa!

  3. Congratulations – what a year! You certainly have grown in numbers.
    Our school year starts next week and we are going into autumn now.
    We need to figure out a way to get JUMP Math Gr 1 and 2 materials to you.I love reading your posts!

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