Home sweet Home

Where do hermit crabs live? And cattle? And spiders …? What kind of home do YOU live in?

The Jujurha kids had great fun recently creating different kinds of ‘homes’ as part of their theme work in their classrooms. Using a range of materials, they produced some beautiful works of art while at the same time learning, learning, learning…!

A miniature cattle kraal

Beautiful nests

...and of course, not all nests look the same!

Dog's kennel (in our village?)

Mobile homes

A model hut with real thatch roof

A wonderful spiders' web with spiders made of play dough, pipe cleaners and 'beady' eyes

Each child made a spider to fit on the web

Little hermit crabs made with real shells, play dough and eye beads - so cute!

The children were also given the chance to create their own little ‘homes’ in the classrooms – using  a large piece of tenting material – and they had great fun serving ‘tea’ from their homes to the ‘visiting’ teachers.

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