Where to from here for our Grade Rs?

The challenge we face with renewed anxiety is the appalling state of so many rural schools including the government primary school which our present Grade Rs will attend next year, having enjoyed an excellent foundation at the Jujurha Preschool. Typically there is a shocking lack of infrastructure, of desks, chairs, blackboards and other teaching materials, a lack of enthusiastic and committed teachers, no extramural programmes – in fact all that is necessary for a decent level of education.

 The Bulungula Incubator was founded as a direct response to the crisis at No ofisi SPS when the mud structure fell down. With the generous donations of friends and supporters from SA and abroad, Phase 1 of the rehabilitation of the school saw a hall and 2 classrooms being built. Desks and chairs will be delivered in mid December. In 2011 we shall be embarking, with energy and resolve, on Phase 2: 2 more classrooms and perhaps more. We will again depend on support from all those who believe, as we do, that the constitutional rights of rural children must be urgently addressed as this is their only chance to break the cycle of poverty.


  1. What a dismal looking classroom/hall. My hope is that as soon as you have infrastructure the next thing is to look to improve the quality of teaching. My experience at the moment in Cape Town is funders are happy to donate money for buildings and resources which soon deteriorate because there is no funding for salaries for motivated and skilled staff. I think of school libraries as one example.

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Maurita

      We agree! The quality of teaching is the critical issue. We are working on both the infrastructure and trying to support teachers and the School Governing Body to improve the quality of teaching provided at the Noofisi School. We do have a fully-stocked library that we set up last year that the Noofisi learners have access to and we run and After-school Enrichment programme that they attend 3 days per week. That said, there is still a long way to go and therefore a key focus of the BI’s Education Programme.

      Thanks for your comments

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