1. Madeleine Vermaak

    I have always had a deep interest in Bulungula and would love more information on how this incubator was formed and made sustainable. My husband and I started a small primary school for our community in Benoni in January 2011, and we have such ambitious dreams for this work. The challenge is to make it financially sustainable so that the students can reap the benefit from excellence in education but also the transfer of life skills.

    You must have a lot of lessons learnt that can be shared with dreamers like me. I’d sincerely appreciate it.

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Madeleine

      We’re very happy to share experiences and any knowledge we may have. It would be best though if you had time to visit – it’s hard to do these things over email! You can visit http://www.bulungula.com to see our community-owned lodge accomodation.

      hope to meet you sometime soon
      best, rejane

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