Two welcome visitors to Jujurha Education Centre

We are accustomed to receiving many visitors at Jujurha, not only via the Bulungula Lodge but also from neighbouring villages, from other NGOs working in the Wild Coast area and numerous others who are interested in what we are doing.

On this particular day, however, we had 2 special guests. The first was the Grade R teacher from Bafazi School who came to spend a day with our Grade Rs in order to develop her own skills. We were happy to share our time, expertise and materials.

The second visitor caused quite a sensation! It was a brown egg-eater snake, brought by David! Within minutes, the children had gathered round to learn about it and a few were brave enough to touch it gently – the ideal way to banish learnt fears and, instead, to appreciate that all creatures have their place in ‘our’ world.


  1. Merle

    I love the simplicity of this image and story – it speaks of opening a door to observing and thinking; if there is space to think outside of what we are trained to think, then a new world can open up…bravo!!

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Merle

      Thanks for your comment. What we take with us into life is so hardwired from what we learn as kids. I had a terrible phobia of snakes and have slowly been unlearning it – we hope our kids will grow up with more confidence!

      best, rejane

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