Health Awareness in Nqileni

Our very conscientious Community Care Worker, Nomzingisi Hopisi organised the first of what we hope will be many Health Awareness days in the Xhora Mouth Area. With the support of the staff and nurses from Madwaleni Hospital, we launched the our Health series in Nqileni Village with the theme: HIV/AIDS.

The day started slowly with community members a little hesitant to attend a day talking about HIV/AIDS but when Nomzingisi and Khuselo got the maskanda tunes blaring from the tent, the crowds started flowing in. Even Chief Noofisi joined us for the day. The programme kicked off with an entertaining motivational speaker followed by an hilarious skit of how to use a condom. A delicious lunch of chicken, umngqusho and vegetables was then served while the private voluntary testing began.

The only disappointment was that  few young people (18-25) attended the day and we’re planning to up our game for the next Health Awareness Day to be held in Mgojweni at the end of May (we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we hope will draw them in!)

Nomzingisi and Chief Noofisi

The hilarious "how to put on a condom" demonstration

Very amused audience!

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  1. Tash G - scholar

    I think it is great that you guys are doing something in your community!
    Many communities dont do anything like this.

    I thought the making everyone smile and laugh was a brilliant idea-hope you draw more people in!

    Keep up the hard work and keep doing good!

    keep on working hard
    Tash G – scholar

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