Happy Birthday, Madiba!

The Jujurha Preschool children, under the watchful eyes of their teachers, collected litter as their service to the community on Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday. In a village where there is no municipal refuse removal system, litter spoils the beautiful landscape, especially around the spaza shops. The children filled 3 large bags which were then returned to the Jujurha Education Centre where it is sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Washing hands afterwards reinforced all the routines practised daily at school.

Participation in national events is an important aspect of education in remote villages such as Nqileni where communities have been marginalised for so long and we therefore welcome every opportunity for the youngest members to demonstrate to their families the importance of celebrating, with the rest of the world, the birthday of a man who grew up not far from here, in a village not very different from ours.


  1. Alexandra Evans

    WOW!! what a great way to celebrate Mdiba’s birthday! I’m sure he would be very pround and glad to know that people do care about our environment!!!!!
    -Ali Evans

  2. Jessica

    Wow this is an amazing idea
    thanks for helping to keep a part of the earth clean
    and to do it on Madiba’s birthday was a fabulous idea.
    -Jessica Glesson, Herschel Girls School

  3. Ambreen

    Woah! this is soo amazing!
    Thank you so much for helping to save our enviroment:)
    You are making a big difference to our planet.
    keep up the good work< this world needs more people like you:)

  4. Sjaan van der ploeg

    Thank you so much for helping to clean up the world, and for joining us to celebrate Madiba’s 93rd birthday! You are making a difference by being eco-friendly. Keep going,
    thank you 🙂

  5. Josie Joubert

    I am so gad that our future generation is helping to clean up the country, as all South Africans should be doing. I am so proud to be a South African when my fellow South Africans are like the teachers at Jujurha Preschool. I wish I could come and help you give to the educationly unpreviliaged. Maybe one of them is going to be a great man like Nelson Mandela, we can only hope. God Bless

    -Josie Joubert, Herschel Girls School

  6. Fafa

    This project is really amazing ! It would be wonderful if the whole school did something like that and clean up all the litter in our area. You should continue this because as they say, it begins with you 🙂
    – Fafa

  7. Ciara Madella (Herschel Girls School)

    This sounds fabulous its good they are helping to clean the enviroment because when older they can do this but involve more people and clean bigger areas this is a great idea for celebrating Madiba’s birthday. (:

  8. ra'eesah

    this pr0ject s0undz like a fab idea!…what a great way to celebrate madiba’s b-day and help clean our envir0nment!…THANX S0O MUCH:)..plz do c0ntinue helping the c0munity the way you do!

  9. Alexia


  10. Georgia

    This project sounds incredible. Thanks so much for helping to clean the sight and to help keep a small part of the world clean. I hope this will encourage people to there area clean. Doing this for Madiba’s birthday is such a good idea. Please keep this great work up.
    From Georgie G

  11. Georgie van Heerden

    This sounds amazing! Thank you for keeping a part of our world clean – and celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday. – Georgie van Heerden, Herschel Girls School.

    • Kristi Lowe

      I completely agree…
      Thank you to all the children whos dedicated their time to help clean up our Earth, we need more people like you!
      Happy Birthday Madiba!
      -Kristi Lowe, Herschel Girls Preparatory School.

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