Art and Literacy combined in beautiful murals

The Jujurha Community Library has a stunning mural depicting a favourite story of the Nqileni village children. The artist is Emma Gray, a friend and volunteer from Cape Town, who spent 3 weeks at Bulungula painting 3 murals at the Jujurha Education Centre, as well as others at the Bulungula Lodge and the Pancake Restaurant, a community-owned business in the village. Despite unexpected problems such as finding a (harmless) snake nestling near her feet, Emma amazed us all with her imaginative and colourful designs which will be appreciated by many – children and adults alike. Thank you, Emma!


  1. Jessica

    this an amazing project
    i would really love to see
    it is amazing the joy one person can bring by useing their talents!
    -Jessica Gleeson, Herschel Girls School

  2. C.Biebuyck

    This project is very inspiring because it shows how any person can use their talents to help others. I also realized that one person could make a difference to the lives of many.

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