For the Vulindlela Scholarship children: A new school – a whole new world!

It has been an exciting and often somewhat scary time for the 7 children who have taken up their scholarships atUmtataInternationalSchool. There was the sight of piles of new books that had been labeled and covered for them, bags packed with their smart, new, red, grey and white uniforms, new pyjamas, bedding …everything they could possibly need and more than they have ever imagined owning. This excitement and anticipation has been mixed with apprehension, of course, at the prospect of leaving their families, their homes and Nqileni village – every single thing that is familiar. But they set off bravely, buoyed by the good wishes of the whole community.

When Rejane and Nkuli visited them at school 10 days later, they found (mostly) smiling children who, according to their teacher, Mrs Ike, are getting along just fine!

  1. Alison Coutras

    Just wonderful…..we can only wish each learner a successful school career with enormously rewarding outcomes for all.

    Well done to every one of you in the team to bring them to the stage where they clearly will happily hold their own and grow from strength to strength. What a tribute to the village.

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