Building bridges between urban and rural schools: Jujurha teachers visit Cape Town

As part of their Early Childhood Development training, all our preschool practitioners have been given the opportunity to visitCape Townschools in order to observe and experience excellence in action. In 2009 Xolisa and Nokonwaba visited Herschel Pre Prep and last year Funeka visited Barkly House Pre Primary and The Grove. It was therefore with great excitement that Esethu, Phikiswa and Nangamso arrived inCape Townearlier this month to spend a week at both Herschel Pre Prep and Herzlia Preschool in Sea Point.

Both schools welcomed them warmly and shared their expertise, resources and time so generously. The Jujurha teachers watched, participated, photographed and talked with their urban colleagues, collecting good ideas to implement and share when they returned home.


They watched a professional puppet show, went on a Grade R outing to learn more about biodiversity, observed daily preparation, planning, implementation and methods of assessment. They were amazed by the involvement of parents and the volume and range of teaching materials and resources. They were also pleased to recognize many similarities in approach and practice – and the strengths which the Jujurha children possess such as their independence, resilience and advanced ball skills!

It is difficult to imagine the impact of the city on these 3 young women from a remote rural village and the daily challenges they faced in this strange environment. The friendliness of their hosts and assistance from BI friends inCape Townsmoothed the path in various ways but, ultimately, it was up to Esethu, Phikiswa and Nangamso to embrace the opportunities and overcome every obstacle in order to derive maximum benefit from the experience. This they certainly did and the Jujurha Preschool teachers, children and the entire ECD programme will be the richer for it.

  1. Cheryl

    It was such a pleasure hosting such passionate teachers and we hope to repay the visit some time in the future.
    Lots of love
    Principal Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre Primary School

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