A Year of Health Days

It has now been one year since the BI initiated the first Community Health Day.  Since then, the BI has been putting on monthly Health Days in each of the four villages of the Xhora Mouth Area.  This month’s Health Day took place in Nqileni and was well received by the community.  People of all ages attended the event which included HIV testing and counseling, a Health symposium, and of course a tasty meal.  For those who got tested, their names were entered for a raffle with the prize of a brand new cell phone.  Everyone was very excited and soon there was a line of people waiting to know their status.


Locals lining up to know their status


By the end of the day, 71 people had gotten tested.  After the testing phase, attendees gathered into the tent for the Health symposium.  Khuselo acted as the event’s MC and provided introductions and a water filter demonstration.  Sam then explained the immune system, HIV, and TB.  Sam discussed the importance of getting tested and protecting yourself through proper condom use which Sam demonstrated much to the amusement of the audience.


In addition to translating Sam’s HIV presentation, Khuselo also demonstrates new water filters that will be distributed to the community


Raucous laughter erupted as Sam tossed blown up condoms into the crowd, urging them to bounce the condom back and forth while music played.  When the music was turned off, the last person to touch the condom was instructed to break the condom and read the question folded inside.  Not only was the question answered and discussed, but it soon became clear that condoms are indeed difficult to break!  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a hearty meal together.  The event was a great success with several community members celebrating the knowledge of their status and boasting about the information they’d learned.


Having fun during the Condom Time Bomb game



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