HIV/AIDS Training for Community Care Workers

The Bulungula Incubator’s Community Care Workers participated in ten days of HIV/AIDS training hosted by Community Media Trust.  Topics included human anatomy, virology, prevention, ARV’s, HIV counseling and testing (HCT), TB & HIV, STI’s, and others.  Much time was spent discussing prevention techniques with each caregiver having to explain proper condom use.

The Care Workers spent two weeks learning about HIV & AIDS

Every Care Worker must know proper condom use

The group also talked about local issues particularly the stigmas associated with people living with HIV/AIDS such as promiscuity and denial.  The care workers enjoyed the training and learned a lot about HIV/AIDS.  Because so much material was presented, Nomzingisi and Sam will work with the care workers to facilitate review sessions so that they become comfortable with knowing how to educate others about HIV/AIDS.

Discussing and demonstrating how to prevent HIV

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