Tshezi Sport Health Day

One of the Bulungula Incubator’s strategies is to encourage people to get tested for HIV by holding monthly Health Days in each of the four villages.  Usually the people most at risk for HIV, the younger generations, are not the ones getting tested.  November’s focus was to target the youth so they could be encouraged to get tested, hence we modified the Health event into a Sports day. We had a wonderful day with many youth and older people in attendance.   Everyone was enjoying themselves during the fierce competition.  The grand prize was a sheep to be slaughtered after the games.  The smaller prize was two chickens.

The Sports day started as a normal Health day. We talked about water safety and sanitation and the importance of breast feeding.  The Tshezi Water Committee took the stage and explained the importance of having clean water and encouraging people to build toilets.


Sam and Nomzingisi talking about breast feeding and permaculture gardening.

Water Committee

Tshezi Water Committee addressing the crowd about the importance of clean water.

We had different kinds of games including water bucket races, egg races and a Tug of War.  The teams of these minor games competed for two chickens.


Guests from the Lodge were invited to participate in the Sports day by serving as referees.  Lou Lacroix from France and Erika Aarnseth from Sweden were happy to help and received a warm welcome from the community.


Water races with the older girls competing against the Makotis (married women).


Egg racing!


Tug of War between the old girls and the mamas was a fierce battle!

The major games included soccer and netball with teams competing for the sheep.  The winner from netball and the winner from soccer shared the sheep.

Terrific netball action!

Terrific netball action!


The main event!  The teams had been practicing for days before the event.

The main event! The teams had been practicing for days before the event.

The victors pose with their grand prize!

The victors pose with their grand prize!

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