Making the best use of, and making, resources

The preschools are very fortunate in being donated resources to help the children learn through playing. These are greatly appreciated and enjoyed by both the children and the teachers. We have recently sorted through the storeroom to organise the games and puzzles into age appropriate groups so that they can be even better used.  As many of the teachers did not play these games when they were children, we have spent some fun afternoons playing the games (eg memory games, dominoes, lotto and snakes and ladders) and working out how we could use them best with the children.  The teachers showed a healthy competitive spirit particularly during snakes and ladders.


These sessions are taking place at the same time as Funeka (the school principal) is running workshops on how to make your own resources with the Jujurha teachers and the other teachers that are being trained here at Jujurha. This has included making containers and musical instruments and improvising to make the games that we don’t have.   We are going to be doing workshops on games to help with auditory perceptioin, visual perception, numeracy and literacy and hope that this will be an inspiration for more resource making.


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