Home-based caregivers in action

Last month we followed four of our home-based caregivers while they were doing their regular household visits and observed their work and how people respond to their presence. Our first stop was in Tshezi village, where we visited a disabled lady whose family needs assistance with taking care of her. Our caregiver checks whether she needs help with her personal hygiene, cooks for her when her mama is away, helps her with her treatment and monitors her weight.cg_in_action581

We then continued with two of the child and youth caregivers to visit a household with little children where the caregiver demonstrated basic daily tasks such as teeth brushing and hand washing and weighed the children in order to identify any nutrition problems and give appropriate advice.

cg_in_action624                                                 cg_in_action620


Then, we moved on to Mgojweni, another of the villages that the Bulungula Incubator works with, to meet Veliswa one of the most capable caregivers for the old, sick and disabled. We visited an old lady who has had a burn wound on her shin. Veliswa treated the wound by cleaning and disinfecting it before putting a new sterile gauze bandage on it.


Next stop was in Nqileni village, where together with our caregiver Nothikanti, we visited a household where an old blind lady lives. Nothikanti rubbed her back, providing relief from old age aches and pains. We are really proud of our home-based caregivers as their job is valuable for this community where the clinics and hospitals are so far away and at the same time there are so many vulnerable individuals, such as old people living alone, and malnourished babies. The caregivers also provide vegetables from the community gardens, which were established by the Bulungula Incubator in each village, to very poor households. The home-based care programme is growing strong with continuous training and monitoring but we are still short of basic equipment for some of our caregivers, such as first aid kits, scales and uniforms or, alternatively, the funds for this equipment.


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