Power partnership with Afrikatikkun

The Bulungula Incubator has long had a relationship with Jean Elphick of Afrikatikkun, who lived and worked at our local hospital Madwaleni for a number of years. Jean completed a PhD in the topic area of caregivers of children living with disabilities. Afrikatikkun’s work is focused in ECD centres around the townships in Johannesburg and combined with her experience in our deep rural setting, Jean now has a relatively unique set of experiences from different under-served communities.

Through their work with over 1000 children in Orange Farm and other Johannesburg townships, Afrikatikkun has developed a standardised evaluation tool for assessing Early Childhood Development (ECD) outcomes. This tool can be easily used by ECD practitioners in the field using free online tools.

Jean and her team visited us in May and shared their work with us, providing us with valuable insights into the areas of support needed by individual children.

We are grateful for support of Afrikatikkun and look forward to continuing to build this valuable partnership.

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