Choosing the site for the Bulungula College

The Xhora Mouth Administrative Area community are donating all the land that is needed for our new highschool, the Bulungula College. And once again, we are very very lucky to have the support from from WREC (Wild Ride Education Company) and Imana Foods for all the buildings! The site of the school has been scoped out and building is scheduled to begin on 3 July. We expect the building will be completed by early September.


  1. Maureen Robinson

    Would you be able to accommodate a few student teachers from Stellenbosch University between July and September 2018? Would there need to be some fundraising for this?

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Maureen. Thanks for the interest in our work and for the offer. It will be easiest if you call me to discuss. Our office line is 0475778908. thanks Rejane

    • Bulungula Incubator

      The site is in Folokwe Village, an area called Mdeni. It was considered by the community to be the most central location for all the learners of the four villages of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area.

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