Masilime Ngqo!

Masilime Ngqo! means :”Let us Farm Well!” And they are certainly doing so! Seedling and input sales continue to be good. Excess seedlings are sold at the Tafalehashi pension point and Tafalehashi Store sold 1000 seedlings within minutes.

The Centre had visits from two different Community Based Organisation from the East London region eager to learn how to start a successful nursery. One of these CBOs now has a successful nursery in operation. We have also prepared a toolkit document on how to start your own nursery including contact details for suppliers. We have shared this with local government and hope that the information will benefit other rural farming communities, like our own.


  1. Ruth van Kets

    To Whom it may concern

    We have projects in the East London area and we would like some information on starting nurseries. Please let us know if you would be able to advise us.

    kind regards

  2. Anthony Fry


    My name is Anthony. I work for Axium Education in Zithulele close to Bulungula.
    I am a physical science teacher and I work with high schools in the area.

    One of the High Schools close to Zithulele wants to start a garden and they have asked me to help them, I did some gardening sessions with them last year and grew some veg on their property.

    Some of the details:
    They have a fenced in piece of land and have been given some seeds and spades.
    I am interested in your nursery toolkit and any other advice or assistance you might be able to provide for us.

    A lot of gardening is quite heavy labor and I thought that possibly starting a small nursery would be a great way to involved the students.

    Anyway, would love to share ideas.



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