Developing the languages component of iTT

Our iiTablet Tshomiz (online learning programme) has been running mathematics lessons for the learners of Xhora Mouth and No-ofisi schools for 2 years. In 2018 we began to develop a languages component to the programme. We are still in the process of testing and selecting the best online programmes in this area.

In addition to the online work, an important part of the programme is to develop in learners the confidence to speak and not be afraid to make mistakes. Our language specialists use playful learning activities to make the process fun:

  • games, songs, nursery rhymes
  • they make learning practical (learners make flash cards)
  • encouraging working together in pair and in teams
  • considering their individual interests
  • being cognizant of the level that learners are at and using what they are familiar with

lindiwe 2

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