Monitoring crop growth since harvesting

As part of our ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy and in accordance with requirements of organic certification bodies, we continue to monitor biweekly the growth of our lemongrass plants, the maintenance of our fields, and the use of any substances on our plants. The monitoring includes plant height measurements and records the average number of … READ MORE

Farewell, Karen

We bade a sad farewell to our American volunteer, Karen Kievit, recently. She left her home and family in Olympia, Washington State, in September 2009 and has spent the last 9 months living in the heart of Nqileni village, immersing herself in the customs and activities of this Xhosa community. Karen is an expert in … READ MORE

Moving heaven and earth for water

In Nqileni village, there is no piped water for a 40km radius. As a result, the community relies on collecting drinking water in buckets from open springs in the ground. Due to the absence of toilets and any sanitation system in the village, all of these springs are contaminated. Over the last couple of years … READ MORE