Clearing up after the storms

Not only was there significant structural damage to the area (see the last post) but also cosmetic damage. The beaches look very different with huge amounts of wood from the felled trees and all over the area you can still see the effects of the storm. The small river that runs behind the BI offices … READ MORE

Storms hit Bulungula

A weekend of storms (around 400mm of water in 30 hours) has done a lot of damage to our villages.   As far as we know, thankfully no lives have been lost, but 42 dwellings have been wrecked in the Xhora Mouth Area (where the BI is situated). The road from here to the tar … READ MORE

How to use wages wisely

Phumzile arranged for a man from the Old Mutual Foundation to come and give a talk to the teachers, BI staff and the essential oil workers about how to manage and budget their money. He did an excellent presentation where he gave us the ‘Big Five Secrets of Money Management’. 1. Secret of the Lion: … READ MORE