The No-ofisi hall – near completion

After months of hard work, the beautiful hall at No-ofisi primary school is finally nearing completion. The building team have laid a concrete floor, hung doors and lime plastered the walls. This monumental structure will not only provide much needed additional classroom space and a community meeting place, it will also enable us to capture … READ MORE

News from the classroom

There was great excitement when the Grade R children spread icing on biscuits recently. They enjoyed the mixing and colouring of the icing and took the greatest care to spread it and then decorate each biscuit with the pretty ‘sprinkles’. Not a crumb was eaten until every last piece was ready (& one of the … READ MORE

Home grown delights

We have also made progress with the establishment of our ELC vegetable and fruit garden. The garden has been terraced using stones, collected by hand, and wooden poles left over from the building of the classrooms. So far, we’ve managed to plant a selection of fruit and nut trees and a variety of veggies. Young … READ MORE