The Jujurha Library

With the generous support of the Raith Foundation, the Jujurha Early Learning Centre has just completed the building of a beautiful library. We have BIG plans for this wonderful resource. Library activities will be built into the weekly routine for the 3 classes at the Early Learning Centre, and we will be using the library … READ MORE

Visitors from Cedar House

The BI has had a long standing partnership with Cedar House – a school in Cape Town. This partnership includes a scholarship for a child from our village (she has just completed her first year at the school and is flourishing!) and an annual visit by learners, to help out for a few days on … READ MORE

Toilets to write home about

We recently welcomed the arrival of our long-awaited toilets at the Early Learning Centre! After much deliberation we decided to go with Ecosan toilets – this magical invention comes as a ready made unit which is easy to install, and it converts waste into compost. The action of opening and closing the toilet lid pushes … READ MORE

No-ofisi school hall roofed!

There was much excitement recently at the completion of the roof of the No-ofisi school hall. No small task given the size of the hall and the fact that everything had to be done by hand, including the cutting and transporting of poles!! The building of the hall forms part of our plans to rehabilitate … READ MORE