Fantastic Responses All Round

This blog has got to start off with a BIG “Thank you”. I suspect that many people reading this will have received our appeal for funds, which Dave sent out to all ex-guests. We have been quite blown away by the response. So many people have responded wonderfully, through buying “shares”, pledging support, or pointing … READ MORE

Forging ahead…

10 October: The relative silence on our blog has been due to a change of hands. Laura and Julia have both had to move on to other things, though they continue to be involved as helping hands, and for the first time someone (me, Anna) has been employed to work full time taking the project forward.  Having … READ MORE

Help the poorest access their provident funds

Tip number 2 for the SA government Below you’ll find another article by Rejane, the BI Director published in the Mail&Guardian newspaper on 14 September 2007. We at the BI believe that action should be taken as soon as possible on this issue as there are many, many people affected: at least 12 in our … READ MORE