Giving the voiceless a voice

Tip number 1 for the SA government Below you’ll find the article by Rejane, the BI Director published in the Mail&Guardian newspaper on 14 May 2007. We at the BI believe that if our government were to implement this idea, it would contribute significantly to giving the poorest a means to voice their problems to … READ MORE

The preliminary project proposal

With Laura off to a new big job in Jo’burg to help SA’s school feeding project work better, the Concept Document was handed over to Sonja (one of our board members and an experienced proposal writer) to condense into a more standard project proposal format. After some discussions we all agreed that this proposal would … READ MORE

Back to Bulungula

Laura and Des make their way back to Bulungula on Monday 16 July.  It’s a week of intense after hours meetings with Dave and Rejane and more time spent with the teachers during the day. Our couple of visits to the school reaffirm the crisis.  We have been unable to get the information we ask … READ MORE

Time to write, write, write

18 June: After a week back in Cape Town on other business, Jules and Laura meet up in PE and head to Grahamstown for the next stage: That would be:  collate everything we have learned so far, conceptualise our best way forward, research necessary interventions, get quotes, get ideas and write write write. Grahamstown is … READ MORE