The Bulungula Incubator welcomes donations by credit card, debit card, direct transfer (EFT), Snapscan, or Paypal. You may select which project your donation will benefit.


Donations requiring SARS 18A Tax certificate

If you need a South African issued 18A tax certificate please donate via this Payfast link or directly via EFT AND then send an email to:


Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Account name: Bulungula Incubator

Account number: 07 066 1480
Branch: Thibault Square

Branch code: 02 09 09 00
International SWIFT code: SBZA ZA JJ

Reference: your name

Do your Amazon purchases via the Amazon Smile page and Amazon will automatically make a donation to us! Just search for ‘Bulungula’ and choose the organisation: “Friends of Bulungula Inc.”

Leave a lasting legacy… Please consider leaving a Bequest in your Will. Download the CODICIL FORM

Thank you for supporting the work of the Bulungula Incubator!


Tel +27 (0)47 577 8908

Postal Address: P.O. Box 43, Mqanduli, 5080, South Africa

Find up-to-date directions to Bulungula on the Bulungula Lodge website

The Bulungula Incubator is an approved public benefit organisation and is registered in terms of Article 30, section 18A of the ITA No. 58 of 1962.

Department of Social Development reference no: 057-666

SARS PBO number: 930029899


  1. Hi there, We are all blown away by the work you have done and are doing and as farmers we are hoping to use your BI as a blueprint to uplift our rural community that are in need of so much. However as regards donating or sponsoring Bulungula let me know how we can help you! we are hoping to secure an accommodation booking during December – there are 12 of us – as we would like to see first hand how you manage to ‘live off the grid’ so successfully and also we have family arriving from overseas spending Christmas with us and they have expressed how much they would like to visit Bulungula during this time. Regards Winonah Wiffen – Windrush Farm Karkloof Valley KwaZulu Natal

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Winonah. Thank you for your email and your interest in our work. We welcome donations for all our projects (!) which you can make via our website under the ‘Donate’ tab. We would be very happy to show you around and share our progress in our projects. However, December is a tricky time since our NGO offices at the Bulungula Incubator close on 13 December and will only open on 6 January 2014. All project managers will be on leave for the Xmas season but you can walk around the village, engage with community members and see the eco-sustainable technologies used at the Bulungula Lodge (which doesn’t close, of course). We don’t however handle any bookings for the Bulungula Lodge, since they are a separate entity to us and operate completely independently. You can make bookings by calling them on 0475778900 or visit their website at .best, Rejane

  2. It’d be great for overseas donors to be able to see what the rand is worth, when donating by credit card-any chance you could put a link on this page to a currency converter or something similar?
    Jeremy -France

  3. pip mcgrath

    hi dave and everyone at bulungula.

    i came to visit u guys in april this year, and was totally blown away by what u are doing.
    i especially enjoyed meeting allan, and playing with him whilst i was there.
    im back in the UK, and working back at an autistic school, and when i was forwarded your build a school website i passed on the details to the teachers at my school. every year at christmas they donate their christmas card money to charity and really wanted to help build a school. especially after showing them photos. so i have sent on the money they have collected together. but please do keep us in mind, as one school to another, as maybe we would be able to raise more money or send supplies for the school.
    Also if you need any information about autism, please do contact us, everyone loved the sound of allan, he is sooo like the kids in our school.

    hope you all had a good christmas. love to everyone there. keep doing an amazing job.

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