The BI education portfolio consists of a series of interventions aimed at the children in our area from conception to career.  The portfolio includes the management of four excellent pre-schools; non-centre based ECD programmes for children aged 0-3 years; ongoing teacher and ECD practitioner training; training in the composition and management of community project committees; parent training in topics like “You are your child’s first teacher”; opportunities for adult literacy training; after school enrichment and extra-mural sports activities for primary schools.

We also implement online teaching and learning programmes in our local primary schools. With the help of these programmes, our learners are making significant leaps in their educational progress. These programmes are our most scaleable intervention in this focus area; scaleable in both the subject areas and the number of learners that can be exposed to these learning aids. The most challenging aspect of these projects is the lack of access to electricity and internet connectivity in the region (we use solar and satellite internet). We have gathered a wealth of information and experience while solving these challenges.

Finally, we are moving to close the gap in the education foundations of our community by supporting the establishment of the new Bulungula College!  The College will open it’s doors in 2019 and cater for Grades 10, 11 and 12.

Our Education programme has 9 main focus areas: