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Lindiwe Tukane, Funeka Jija, Tess Peacock, Nangamso Debe, Esethu Mkhwenkwe, Nosihle Zintoyinto, Ncumisa Bonakele, Nompumelelo Sitwayi, Nokolo Bless

Health & Nutrition

Bongezwa Sontundu, Mzuzile Mhlola, Nophumzile Makhwenkwe, Bhanda Jakatyana, Malasana Manana, Nothembeni Madwantsi

Admin, Finance and Grounds Management

Rejane Woodroffe, Nomfundo Nodanga, Siphiwo Jakatyane, Zamile Olo, Timo Futu, Nothimba Nkwetshe

Sustainable Livelihoods (Rural Skills Centre)

Dave Martin

Community Work Programme

200 Community Workers from the villages of Mgojweni, Tshezi, Folokwe and Nqileni who work in our Education, Home-based Care, Infrastructural, Environmental and Basic Services projects.



  1. Carolyn Parrish

    I want to make a donation to your organisation on behalf of Fulham Prep School where Mrs Feona Hannay taught for many years. Mrs Hannay passed away on 2nd January and at her funeral we were asked to make donations to one of two charities and we as a school want to choose your charity but I have had some problems on your website trying to make the payment. I will try again now that you will know what this donation is about.

    Carolyn Parrish, PA to the Head, Fulham Prep School, 200 Greyhound Road, London W14 9SD

  2. Rhett Vorster

    Hi guys, please get in touch with me. I am a teacher at a Montessori school in South Korea and we started a cultural awareness project with our kids. It has been a raging success (Check out LOVE SCHOOL PROJECT on FACEBOOK). We collected and shipped over $5000 worth of uniforms, shoes, school supplies and books to farm schools in Stellenbosch. I am already busy with the next project – Change for change – where our kids are bringing coins for our piggy bank. This money will go to their “African friends” around Christmas time. I would love to send this to your project. I hope we can work together!

  3. Deborah Leask

    Do you have a facebook page?, its a very powerful networking tool esp for fundraising id you join the Causes app.
    Please put me on your mailing list. Stunning vission that you have!

    • Bulungula Incubator

      Hi Deborah. Thanks for your interest in our activities! I have added you to our mailing list to receive our regular newsletters and updates. We have decided not to have a facebook page for now because it would need regular monitoring, something we don’t have the capacity for right now.

      cheers rejane

  4. To Dave Martin,
    Dear Dave,
    Our group from Mount Frere were staying over at the Lodge 3 weekends ago, that is the group of volunteers from Germany working at the Bonintwentle project. We also visited the sites where George Halsmeyer, Sonja Poland and Moritz Darmstadt were working, whom I have got to know in Germany.

    I am very keen to get in contact with you and already spoke to the young lady that was arranging things for us, whose name, unfortunately, has escaped me.

    We are holding a large conference in Cape Town in 2010 called Connecitivity, which we last organised in Sao Paulo in 2006. Social projects from all over the world are invited, and we need both a lot of input and also have a lot of interesting people and events on offer.

    Amongst other things, we will be offering at least 30 workcamps at different projects throughout the country, where groups of volunteers will be building doing other development as needed for 3 weeks before or after the conference.

    I invited George and Sonya to do a workshop on source conservation there, as well as to run a workcamp in this field. Besides this, I feel that your work at the Lodge and with the other projects and initiatives you are developing could both benefit from such input, but also offer of your expertise in community development and other areas.

    I should therefore like you to consider projects that might come into question for a group of volunteers and also whether you, yourself, would be willing to attend and offer a workshop or other input for the conference itself.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Eric Hurner for Idem – Identity through Initiative.

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