Home-Based Carers

We have no clinics in any of the four villages in which we work, making this programme a critical intervention that is both impactful and cost effective. We believe that our Home-Based Care programme  plays an essential role in providing preventative services; assisting with the management of communicable diseases and chronic conditions and in health promotion and referral.

At the moment we have 19 Home-Based Carers who deliver care to the 400 households in our four villages in the area. Our Home-Based Carers are drawn from our communities; they know the living conditions and people better than any outsider as well as understand the psycho-social issues best.

The impact has been profound:

  • We have assisted with the curing of TB patients.
  • Chronic conditions are well-maintained.
  • We have very few community members who are HIV positive defaulting on their medication.
  • Our family planning programmes have been so successful that people actively approach our Carers for family planning options.
  • Home deliveries have been dramatically reduced in the village.

An effective programme requires initial training, continuing in-service training, adequate equipment (TB screening tools, tape measure, scale, blood pressure measures, hand sanitizer, bandages and wound ointment), excellent record keeping as well as good management and supervision.  We give our Carers as much support as we can, knowing that they work incredibly hard in all weather conditions.