Support for Rural Government Schools

Infrastructure Development

In the past our support focused on infrastructure improvement and development of our schools. Although the schools in the area are still in desperately need of adequate school facilities, there has been movement from government in providing prefabricated classrooms at Xhora Mouth Primary and the rebuilding of the Noofisi Primary School which is almost complete.



No-ofisi school in 2016

Improving Teaching

We have turned our efforts towards governance and teaching issues directly influencing the quality of education delivered. To this end we have established the Xhora Mouth Teachers Forum which has already embarked on programmes to visit and learn from other excellent schooling programmes around the country. We hope to develop the work of the forum over time in engaging principals, teachers and SGBs in the development of a quality education product in the area.

Technology for Quality Education: iiTablet Tshomiz

We began the roll-out of an online interactive mathematics teaching and learning programme called MathsBuddy at Xhora Mouth JSS.  The programme is being implemented in partnership with the school and has the support of the Principal, Deputy Principal and teachers. Our experience has shown that despite the obvious goal of improving mathematics skills, the running of the programme provides two additional indirect benefits: first, it provides computer and internet skills and secondly it increases exposure to English and improves the learner’s command of the English language.  We believe that through technology support, our children can leapfrog the many challenges of their under-resourced schooling environment.  We are planning to expand to the other 3 primary schools in our area over the next three years.


We host two German volunteers who come for a period of one year every year who assist us in running a comprehensive sports programme at Xhora Mouth JSS.

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